Equestrian & Arena Lighting

• Cost effective lighting enabling use of arena and facilities all year round
• Generous spread of light, minimising the number of poles required; cabling and power requirements
• LED Lights for longevity and significantly reduced running costs
• Simple design which can easily be taken up and down in minutes by one person
• Optimum lighting designs for 20m x 40m and 20m x 60m arenas
• Power solutions available for isolated locations

Equestrian Lighting
Arena Lighting
Equestrian & Arena Lighting

Please Click Play On The Video Below to See Our Arena Lighting Being Demonstrated

Example (40m x 20m using 6 poles)

For the purposes of the calculation below we have used 15p as the electricity unit price (If you know your electricity tariff from your supplier, then please replace 15p with your own figure)

0.18kW x 15p = 2.7p

Therefore 6 poles lighting your entire 40m x 20m arena would only cost 2.7p per hour to run!